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Do not put too much bearing butter! Otherwise easy to accident

How much butter is applied to the bearing is believed to be a problem that many card friends want to know, and most of them will not achieve the best lubrication and economic benefits. However, what we are talking about today is the relationship between bearing butter and ABS sensor. Too much butter not only affects the best lubrication, waste, but also causes the ABS probe to malfunction.

ABS probe is a more delicate accessory

As time increases, the surface of the ABS probe will be dirty. Although the surface of the ABS sensor probe is almost entirely covered by metal, it is a rather delicate thing when actually used. Because of its position close to the bearing, it takes a long time to be easily stained or even rusted by various kinds of dust and grease in the bearing, so that it is filled with dirt between the hub and the ring gear, which affects the magnetic induction detection effect.

ABS probe covered with butter

Dirty probes are no longer visible in Huge's many years of maintenance experience. Many ABS sensor failure cases are caused by excessive application of bearing grease. Excessive butter can easily be squeezed onto the probe when the wheel is installed. Lightly affects the sensitivity of the ABS probe, but directly causes the probe to fail to sense the ring gear, causing the ABS system to malfunction.

This situation is slightly better, whether it is the axle sensor bracket or the later manual soldering installation. This is very common. The grease plus dust and the metal debris falling from the brake pads are all deposited on the probe surface.

Cleaning with a chemical cleaner

After cleaning, use butter evenly to prevent rust from stagnation in the bushing bracket. The prevention and treatment of this situation is very simple, that is, the bearing should not be too much when applying butter, the right amount. When cleaning, just remove the probe from the bracket, thoroughly clean it, and then evenly apply a layer of butter between it and the bushing to prevent rust in the bracket.

After the cleaning is completed, insert the ABS probe completely into the bracket from the rear, and push it to the end to match the correct wheel installation method (see “Hu Ge said that the brake (4) wrong wheel causes ABS failure”). You can get it back to work.

In addition to the ABS sensor probe, the ring gear on the hub needs regular cleaning, and the probe and ring gear need to be kept clean. Of course, when cleaning, we must first check whether the sensor probe cable is intact. If the cable breaks, then how to clean it will have no effect. Only the probe can be replaced.