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Thin wall bearing maintenance method

The thin-walled bearing realizes a very thin bearing cross section, and also realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The variety of products expands the range of applications, the specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1, remove the bearing, some of the bearing side cover is detachable, and some can not.

2, if it is detachable, it is very simple! Use a precision screwdriver with a word, in the gap of the C ring, pick up the C ring, then remove the side cover, just remove the side and it will be fine! C ring and side cover should be collected, wait for the wash you "may" want to put them back!

3, if it is not removable, it is more trouble! Use a destructive approach. Use a precision screwdriver to extend into the side cover and force the side cover to pick it up. Don't be suspicious, that's it, but the side cover won't go back! Well, throw it away! Remember, just remove the side and it will be ruined!

4. Remove all the side covers of the bearings and start washing! Pour the oil into the bowl and throw the bearing down and stir it.