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Teach you how to distinguish between true and false bearings

Bearing is an important component in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. In the production and processing, once the use of counterfeit and inferior bearings, the consequences will not only lead to machine repairs and even downtime, but also cause millions of losses for the company. The bearing supplier will share with you the common methods of bullying and the precautions for distinguishing between true and false bearings.

8 kinds of fraudulent means of false bearing 1. Manufacturing bearings with iron or carbon steel, or repairing waste bearings. The former will cause the bearing to have insufficient hardness, and the latter will result in insufficient bearing accuracy. 2. Put the inferior bearing and small factory bearing on the trademark of Dachang, and the internal and external packaging and certificate of counterfeit big brand products. 3, counterfeit well-known brand users, distributors, agents, and even counterfeit manufacturers spot sales department. 4, with the defective bearing posing as a genuine bearing. 5, with ordinary grade bearings posing as high precision bearings. 6, genuine fakes mixed with selling. 7, fake goods sell genuine prices, genuine sell high prices, use fake prices. 8, to bargain goods on fake, to good quality to the real goods.