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What should I do if the bearing is too tight when the DC motor is running?

The DC motor is a motor that converts DC power into mechanical energy, and is widely used in power dragging due to its good speed regulation performance. Because of this, we have to do the installation and maintenance of the motor.

When the DC motor is in use, if it is not paid attention to the maintenance, it will cause over-tightening or damage to the bearing. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to take certain measures. What is the reason why the DC motor bearing is too tight?

The operator is afraid of the vehicle waste end cover bearing chamber, and the DC motor should be repaired with appropriate tolerances for the outer ring and the end cover. Emphasis is placed on the lower limit of the tolerance range, and the vehicle is not allowed to reach the upper limit, so that the diameter of the bearing chamber is small, which increases the interference with the outer ring of the bearing; in addition, the maximum interference of the repair worker to appropriately reduce the tolerance, There is insufficient understanding of the benefits of reducing the noise of DC motor bearings. For example, when disassembling the motor bearing, it is found that the bearing outer ring and the end cover are very well disassembled, and it is mistaken that the bearing is too loose, so the copper pad, the punching hole, or even the end cap is replaced, or the bearing is replaced, and the outer ring diameter is enlarged to solve the problem. The most common method for this problem is to enlarge the end cap bearing chamber and then insert the sleeve so that the bearing and the end cap bearing chamber are closely matched. As a result, the noise of the bearing after the motor repair increases, and the bearing heats up.

Regarding the bearing is too tight, we must pay attention to the operation method when carrying out the operation and maintenance of the equipment. If you do not understand the situation, you should consult the manufacturer for operation, and you cannot operate it at will, resulting in equipment damage and failure. In order to further understand the defects in the operation of the DC brushless geared motor, it is possible to conduct an inspection test before disassembly.